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Becoming American


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Callie J. Trautmiller

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Beschreibung Autorentext Callie J. Trautmiller resides in Wisconsin with her husband, their three children, and their dog. Both of her grandfathers served in World War II and inspired her research and writing for Becoming American, her first historical novel. Find Callie on social media at: CallieTrautmiller or CallieJTrautmiller or at her website: CallieTrautmiller.com.Klappentext Becoming American: A Young Adult World War II Novel by Callie J. Trautmiller shows how siblings cope under the stress of war. Readers of all ages will enjoy this beautifully written historical fiction novel. Callie Trautmiller's Becoming American is an engaging and important addition to the literature preserving this difficult-and inspiring-time in our history. Highly recommended!"-Graham Salisbury, Author of multiple award-winning Under the Blood-Red Sun A family torn apart by war.It's 1941 and America is in the heat of war.

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Updated: 27.11.2021
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